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Haven Denied - Illusions (between truth and lie) | FESTIVALPHOTO

Haven Denied - Illusions (between truth and lie)



Haven Denied are a metalcore band from Portugal. Formed eleven years ago, "Illusions" is their third album.

The album is packed full of powerful thrash metal guitar work and lots of raw power - listening to the album I can imagine the band going down well with some serious moshpits.

I have to say I really dont like the vocals on the album and for me they turn the album from one with a lot of potential into an album I wouldnt consider buying. The music is good and the power of the crushing guitar riffs works well, but the vocal style just doesnt appeal sadly.

Track listing:

1. Our lives are gone
2. Are you really a man
3. Ego crisis
4. Of illusions we will die
5. Fathers of the same son
6. Mind rapists
7. Deadly memories
8. You used to like
9. Times of waste
10. terminus

Writer: Anthony May
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