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Dominanz - As I shine | FESTIVALPHOTO

Dominanz - As I shine



Dominanz hail from Norway and are a three piece Industrial/Metal band. All three members have been in other bands before including Immortal, Cult of deception and Thy Grief. As you'd expect from a Norwegian metal band, the song titles and lyrics tend to be fairly dark and moody. The lyrics include subjects such as depictions of erotic oppression, slavery and ways to dominate fellow man - as I said, dark subjects.

Ok, so what to expect musically? Industrial is a term that seems to cover a huge spectrum of bands, but the best known is obviously Rammstein, and they are probably a good comparison - there's lots of power in the music but its a slower pace than say a typical thrash or death metal band. Some of the vocals are also a similar style to Rammstein - sung but with a slight growl or roughness to them, but at other times they are more of a black metal growl.

A good solid debut album which is likely to appeal to a variety of fans, from Rammstein fans to lovers of black metal.

Dominanz are:

Roy Nordaas – Vocal, Bass, Guitar, Synth (ex Cult of Deception)
Jørn Tunsberg – Guitar (Hades Almighty, ex Immortal, Old Funeral)
Frode Gaustad – Drums (ex Thy Grief)

Track listing:

1. Infinity
2. Agony and Domination
3. As I Shine
4. Eternal Sin
5. Abusos
6. The Philanthropic
7. Last Day Of Your Life
8. Man On Top
9. From Skin to Heart
10. The End Of All There Is

Writer: Anthony May
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