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Evile - Five Serpents Teeth | FESTIVALPHOTO

Evile - Five Serpents Teeth



"Five Serpents teeth" is the third album from Yorkshire Thrashers Evile.

Comments on a few of the tracks.

"Five Serpents Teeth" starts with a slow menacing sounding build-up before the song proper kicks in guitar and bass work that has a real Metallica Feel.

"In dreams of terror" is a faster song with some finger shredding guitar work from Ol Drake and rapid pounding drums from Ben Carter.

"Cult" is a great song and its intelligent lyrics couple with the chant of "Cult" during the chorus make this song stand out.

"In memoriam" deserves special mention. Written in memory of their former bassist Mike Alexander who died at a tragically young age in 2009, this track is as close to a ballad as Evile are ever likely to get. Its a slow thoughtful song and is my personal favourite from the album.

Most of the tracks clock in between roughly 5 minutes and 6 minutes long give or take a few seconds - there arent any of the longer songs (almost 8 minutes long) that have appeared on previous albums, and I think this will be a good move when it comes to the live shows particularly.

This album is definitely the best yet from Evile. Its good to see a British thrash band proving it can compete with anything the big US thrash bands can produce. With Five serpents teeth, Evile have matured and show that while they can still produce high speed neck breaking headbanging tracks they can also produce slower tracks without losing any of the heaviness.

Fans are going to face difficult decisions when buying this album. The standard CD version of the album can come with a keyring, a woven patch or a signed photo depending where you pre-order it from, and there are also several limited editions named after snakes - the Cobra pack, viper pack and python pack, plus its also available on a limited edition vinyl LP (in a range of colours of varying limited quantities). While it's going to be a difficult choice for some fans, it is nice to see the limited versions advertised and available before release.

A superb thrash album that really puts Evile in contention with some of the biggest names in thrash.

Evile are:

Matt Drake – Lead vocals, rhythm guitar.
Ol Drake – Lead guitar.
Joel Graham – Bass guitar.
Ben Carter – Drums.

Track listing:
1. Five Serpent’s Teeth
2. In Dreams of Terror
3. Cult
4. Eternal Empire
5. Xaraya
6. Origin of Oblivion
7. Centurion
8. In Memoriam
9. Descent Into Madness
10. Long Live New Flesh

Writer: Anthony May
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