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Nemhain - The Murder Mile EP | FESTIVALPHOTO

Nemhain - The Murder Mile EP



Nemhain are a sleazy, gritty sounding punk rock band from London. Fronted by the gorgeous and talented singer Amber Elandsson, Nemhain also includes her well known husband Adrian Erlansson on drums (Cradle of Filth, At the Gates), Lisa Dickinson on bass and backing vocals as well as Lakis Kyriacou and Sam Astley on guitars.

Nemhain have released The Murder Mile EP to keep fans happy while they wait for the bands next album. For a limited period the EP is available as a FREE download (a very nice gesture) - check out their facebook page, website etc for details on where to get the EP.

"Natural born sinners" is a great opener to the EP. Its a great song with plenty of pace, plenty of power from the guitars and a great drumbeat, and Amber's vocals giving it that sleazy feel. Listening to it I'd have guessed the title was "Fuck the world" judging by the lyrics.

"Seriously ill" is a slightly slower track, but equally good.

"Love 4 death" is another great track which picks the pace up again

"Bad moon rising" is a cover of the Creedence Clearwater Revival classic. Rather than attempting to do a straight copy of the original, Nemhain have sung it in a completely different style - it's slower and has a much darker, grittier, almost disturbing feel. It took me a few listens to make my mind up about this track - when you are so used to the original then to hear it performed like this is a shock, but after listening to the EP quite a few times I have to say I do like the Nemhain version Its not better than the original nor is it worse, its better looked at as a new song that just shares the same lyrics as the original. Well worth checking out.

So, is this EP any good? Well I'll answer that by saying that on the strength of listening to this EP and seeing their live set at Bloodstock I've already ordered a copy of their last album !

Track listing:

1. Natural born sinners
2. Seriously ill
3. Love 4 death
4. Bad moon rising

Writer: Anthony May
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