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Orpheus - Orpheus | FESTIVALPHOTO

Orpheus - Orpheus



Orpheus are a heavy metal band from Trondheim in Norway. This album is their debut album, and was released in parts of Europe in 2009 but is now finally receiving a long overdue UK release thanks to Femme Metal records.

The album kicks off with "Fuck me over", a slice of classic metal with vocalist Ingrid Galadriel singing how she wants someone to "fuck me over and leave me dying".

"Peepin' Tom" is another great track. The song starts off with a slow instrumental section with some excellent guitar work, and once the main part of the song kicks in, that contains some great guitar riffs and the vocals are also good.

"Mr Manipulative" starts off with an awesome scream from vocalist Ingrid Galadriel before the solid wall of sound from the guitars kicks in and she reverts to her normal singing.

The sound on the album seems a bit flat and muted - probably due to a limited budget when recording it. I suspect that these songs will be killer when performed live.

Ingrid Galadriel is a good vocalist for this style of music with her screams and singing voice. The guitar work on the album is also particularly good.

The album is good old fashioned Metal music - none of these obscure sub-genres that people like to invent, just Metal. That straight-forward approach is good but there is definitely room to improve on the song-writing to try and come up with more memorable songs.
The album should appeal to fans of mainstream metal bands such as Iron Maiden as well as female fronted bands such as Girlschool, Triaxis or Hysterica.

The album is due for release in the UK on 5th September through Femme Metal Records.

Orpheus are:

Ingrid Galadriel – Vocals
Kristian Drivenes – Guitar
Sivert Skaaren – Guitar
Rune Engesæter – Bass
Torgeir Nilsen – Drums

Track listing:

1. Fuck Me Over
2. Constructing
3. Bygones
4. Mr. Manipulative
5. Peepin’ Tom
6. Repay
7. Bloodflow
8. The Plan

Writer: Anthony May
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