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Hand - Breathing | FESTIVALPHOTO

Hand - Breathing



Hand (or as they prefer to spell it, hAND) bill themselves as a "3-piece Progressive Alternative/Gothic Metal band". I'd describe them as a 3 piece prog band. There's definitely little here to describe as metal.

I have to admit I've seen hAND play live a few times and I've never been impressed - as a live band they really dont do anything for me. On album though its a different story. They arent alone in this - Opeth make great albums but I and many people I know, find them immensely dull as a live band. On an album all the subtleties show clearly when live they may not, and this makes a huge difference.

"Breathing" is the second album from Hand (they've also released two EP's). Although the album was recorded with Chris Nelson on drums, he left the band around the time of the album release and has been replaced by Dan Thomas.

"Song number B" is a slightly bizarre title, but the song itself is very good.

"The pier" is about as heavy as the album gets, which isnt very despite a couple of short heavier sections. It just feels like they decided to do a metal song but arent comfortable with that style of music and quickly revert back to prog.

There is some great guitar work in this album, and Kat's vocals are good. The band definitely show a lot of potential as a prog band, but as a rock or metal band then they'll need to make a lot of changes and develop better melodies as well as having more power in the music.
I suspect part of the reason they've never impressed me live is because I've only seen them on the same bill as proper rock or metal bands and Hand come off badly in comparison - on a prog lineup then it might be a different matte. If they head more down the prog route then they could have a bright future.

Hand is..

Kat Ward - Vocals & Bass
Kieren Johnstone - Guitars
Dan Thomas - Drums

Track listing:

1. Song Number B
2. The Pier
3. Mimicry
4. Flee
5. The Neon Hero
6. Supersonic
7. Fate Sewn On
8. DB Blue
9. Re-Animation

Writer: Anthony May
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