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Thunder @ High Voltage - 24/07/2011 | FESTIVALPHOTO

Thunder @ High Voltage - 24/07/2011



Thunder were probably one of the most eagerly anticipated bands on the Sunday at High Voltage, and the size of crowd they drew supported that. This was a rare chance to see them live since the band "quit" two years ago.

The intro tape started (ACDC's Thunderstruck) and the excitement built rapidly till they came on stage to a load of applause and cheers.
The set didnt get off to a good start - twice during the first song (Backstreet symphony), the sound from most of the instruments cut out completely, but singer Danny Bowes didn't let minor details like that put him off and he carried on. Backstreet symphony was a great choice to start the set with - a definite crowd pleaser, but there were plenty more still to come.

Danny Bowes is an excellent frontman who gets the crowd clapping along in time and he manages to get plenty of the crowd singing along on command as well. Thin Lizzy on the Saturday had put in one of the best crowd pleasing hit-packed sets, and Thunder clearly saw this as a challenge and went all out to put on a better show - and to my mind they managed it.

We can only hope that this isnt the last we see of Thunder, but if it is then at least they ended on a high.


Back Street Symphony
River Of Pain
Higher Ground
Gimme Some Lovin'
The Devil Made Me Do It
Love Walked In
I Love You More Than Rock 'N' Roll
Dirty Love


Writer: Anthony May
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