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Judas Priest @ High Voltage - 23/07/2011 | FESTIVALPHOTO

Judas Priest @ High Voltage - 23/07/2011



OK lets start off with the problem and get it out of the way....the sound volume was far too low. Its been said for every other band, but its especially true for Judas Priest even if they do seem a bit louder than the earlier bands. Judas Priest play music best listened to at face-meltingly loud volume when seeing them live - the subdued sound tonight really does depress the atmosphere.

Despite this, Judas Priest put on a fantastic show. The band, currently on their farewell "Epitaph" tour (although many fans expect them to be back before too long) recently parted ways with long-time guitarist KK Downing, but his replacement, Richie Faulkner has more than stepped up to the mark and plays superbly.

The show started with Epitaph being displayed on the screens as Black Sabbath classic, War Pigs, played through the PA - a lot of the crowd joined in singing it, and then it was time for the cloth hiding the stage to fall and Judas Priest to take the stage.

Rob Halford seems to have taken inspiration from pop stars like Lady Gaga judging by the number of times he changes his jacket, but when it comes to what matters - singing, he's certainly not lost the plot. His voice is in fine form tonight, and songs like Painkiller really show it off.

Tonight's set is a two hour history of Judas Priest with songs from pretty much all their albums over their almost 40 year career being played tonight.
"Breaking the law" is left for the crowd to sing the entire song - there arent many songs that a band can rely on the whole crowd knowing all the lyrics to, but this is one of them.
No Judas Priest show would be truly complete without a motorbike, and Rob Halford rides one onstage for "Hell bent for leather" during the encore.

Living after midnight - what a way to end a festival! Like most of the crowd tonight I hope this isnt the bands final UK performance, but that remains to be seen. Judas Priest's show tonight was a great end to a fantastic day of bands.


Battle Hymn (intro)
Rapid Fire
Metal Gods
Heading out on the highway
Judas rising
Victim of changes
Never satisfied
Diamonds and rust
Night Crawler
Turbo lover
Beyond the realms of death
The Sentinel
Blood red skies
The green manalishi (with the two pronged crown)
Breaking the law
Drum solo


The Hellion
Electic Eye
Hell bent for leather
You've got another thing comin'
Living after midnight


Writer: Anthony May
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