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Status Quo - Quid Pro Quo | FESTIVALPHOTO

Status Quo - Quid Pro Quo



"Quid Pro Quo" is the latest album from British rockers Status Quo. In an unusual move, the album is only available via Tesco. The album has been released as a double album - disc one being the new album, and disc 2 being an "official live bootleg" - i.e. a live album.

There is nothing in the new album that will surprise Status Quo fans - after over 40 years, the band has a tried and tested formula which they stick to - "if it isn't broken then don't fix it". Its a good album, but I'm not sure that any of the tracks are likely to become classics.

The live disc is great - it includes some of the bands classic hits including "Caroline", "Rockin all over the world" and "whatever you want", along with other tracks that regularly make up their live setlist.

The inclusion of the live disc makes the album a lot more attractive - this way buyers get the Quo classics and their new material at the same time.

Track listing:

CD1: Quid Pro Quo

1. Two way traffic
2. Rock'n'Roll'n'You
3. Dust to gold
4. Let's rock
5. Can't see for looking
6. Better than that
7. Movin' on
8. Leave a little light on
9. Any way you like it
10. Frozen hero
11. Reality cheque
12. The winner
13. It's all about you
14. My old ways
15. In the army now (2010)

CD2: Offical live bootleg

1. Whatever you want (live 2010)
2. Down down (live 2010)
3. Don't drive my car (live 2010)
4. Hold you back (live 2010)
5. Pictures of matchstick men (live 2010)
6. Ice in the sun (live 2010)
7. Beginning of the end (live 2010)
8. Roll over lay down (live 2010)
9. Caroline (live 2010)
10. Rockin all over the world (live 2010)

Writer: Anthony May
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