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Crescendolls - The real deal | FESTIVALPHOTO

Crescendolls - The real deal



Crescendolls are a Swedish three-piece band that describe themselves as a "riff-party band" - not a term I've heard before I must admit.

The album was recorded live - something many bands have moved away from these days, but it certainly seems to have worked well here - and it gives you the confidence that the band can reproduce the album in a live concert, whereas many bands these days rely so heavily on samples and backing tracks that they struggle to make the material sound good live without backing tracks to help them.

There's a real 1970's rock feeling to this EP - which certainly isnt a bad thing. Some great guitar riffs combine with great tunes and good vocals to make a very good EP. Crescendolls are a band I havent come across before, but I'll certainly keep an eye out for them in the future.


Crescendolls are:

Joel Frid: Lead vocals, Bas
Emil Claesson: Guitar, vocals
Oscar Leander: Drums, vocals

Track Listing:

The real deal
Good ol' thrills
Makebelieve blues
Catcher in the rye

Writer: Anthony May
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