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  Square Route

Square Route is a multicultural rock band formed during late summer 2011. For the ambition to produce a heavy, yet melodic and tight, rock sound, Square Route´s creative output benefits from its members´ diverse cultural and musical backgrounds including tight German drumming, catchy Balkan harmonies and groovy Swedish riffs. Completing the harmonious musical fundament are lyrics urging us to strive for what you believe, question norms and build your future. Despite its short existence Square Route has already played the Southern Sweden finals of the Emergenza Festival and recorded two EP´s and is continuously working on new creative output.

If you are curious please visit our Facebook page:

Square Route

Covered gigs:

   2012-11-28 Square Route (Sankt Gertrud - Malmö)

   2012-09-08 Square Route (Studioinspelning - Dalby)

   2012-05-12 Square Route (Emergenza Finalen - Malmö)

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