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Gainesville 2012 is the first year for a completely new festival in heart of Stockholm, created by janne Kleman, wellknown as an artistplanner for Hultsfredsfestivalen for 16 years!

Using some of Janne´s own words:
Gainesville wants to be a pleasent day in the park at the waterside in the heart of Stockholm. Music and pace for a little bit more mature audience. There will be lots of time to also just be together and have some good food and drinks.
There will be good food sold out in the park, but there is also a fully licensed restaurant in the festival area. There will be possibilities to have some swedish specialities for the season as crawfish and fermented Baltic herring...
There will always be good music, if not live, some wellknown music personalities will guide us in the history of music, from the record player.
Good luck Janne!

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    Gainesville 2012

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Christer Folkesson Christer Folkesson Written 2012-08-13 14:04:27
Gainesville - Stockholm NU med fotoutställning;
Micke Borg – Stockholmspunkens hovfotograf!