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  Brutal Assault

Heavy music in Jaromer, Czech Republic!

In the beginning/middle of August every year.

JAROMEŘ - Old Army Fortress JOSEFOV / Czech Republic (130km east of Prague)

Direct address: 5.kvetna street, 551 02 Jaromer-Josefov.

Brutal Assault

Tickets are 152 Euro.

Distance to Brutal Assault:
There are a few cities and distances just get in the picture how close or far is Jaromer from your area...
Bratislava -> Brutal Assault = 300km
Košice -> Brutal Assault = 550km
Berlin -> Brutal Assault = 390km
Frankfurt am Main -> Brutal Assault = 650km
München -> Brutal Assault = 510km
Warzsawa -> Brutal Assault = 490km
Wroclaw -> Brutal Assault = 150km
Krakow -> Brutal Assault = 400km
Vienna -> Brutal Assault = 310km
Linz -> Brutal Assault = 370km
Budapest -> Brutal Assault = 500km
Zagreb -> Brutal Assault = 670km
Beograd -> Brutal Assault = 880km
Vilnius -> Brutal Assault = 1010km
Minsk -> Brutal Assault = 1120km
Kyyiv -> Brutal Assault = 1230km
Amsterdam -> Brutal Assault = 990km
Brussel -> Brutal Assault =1040km
Paris -> Brutal Assault = 1180km
Zürich -> Brutal Assault = 820km
Roma -> Brutal Assault = 1430km

Covered festivals:

    Brutal Assault 2009

    Brutal Assault 2010

    Brutal Assault 2011

    Brutal Assault 2012

    Brutal Assault 2013

    Brutal Assault 2014

    Brutal Assault 2015

    Brutal Assault 2016

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Brutal Assault news Brutal Assault news Written 2022-03-27 12:17:47
In the sad event that you can´t make it to Brutal Assault this year, or if you are looking for a ticket. Then take a look here:

A safe way buying/selling tickets.
Brutal Assault news Brutal Assault news Written 2022-03-14 21:21:30
Too old to camp in the forest of Brutal Assault..? Then you better hurry up finding yourself some accomodation, many hotels etc. are sold out already.

More info here:
Brutal Assault news Brutal Assault news Written 2022-02-19 17:59:05
Even more bands for BA, this time 10 more.

One of the things you appreciate about Brutal Assault is that we aim to discover and bring you artists that are new and unconventional. And that's what the current update is all about, with one exception - well-known and popular mood-makers SÓLSTAFIR from Iceland. Along with the enigmatic and gloomy Finns SKEPTICISM are the only bands re-appearing once again in our line-up. The remaining names are to be seen for the first time at BA!

This will be a premiere at BA for BLOODYWOOD coming from India, the psychedelic hypnotists ORANSSI PAZUZU, the implacable PUPIL SLICER and the death-mongers CARNATION. SLOPE will get you moving with their "funky monkey", DOOL on the other hand will nail you to the floor the same as on the regular band extended THE DEVIL'S TRADE from Hungary. Lastly, for the first time to play abroad we're bringing THY CATAFALQUE!

Brutal Assault news Brutal Assault news Written 2022-01-09 22:19:54
New Year's Brutal Discounts!

Socks from granny keep your heart and feet warm, but we bet there are other things you crave and haven't found under the tree. Your chance is now!

We have restocked the sold-out items in the shop (chilli sauces, softshell jackets, shirts, towels) and put vast discounts on a bunch of stuff: the BA calendar, BA shirts, caps, scarves and many more...The New Year's sale starts today and runs until January 17, 2022!

And if you still don't have your ticket, now is the time - the current price for the five-day Brutal is only valid until the end of January!
Brutal Assault news Brutal Assault news Written 2021-12-21 12:09:40
Not sure what X-mas presents you should buy... Get your friends and family tickets for Brutal Assault. Now with 11 new bands confirmed.

Grab your tickets here:

Christmas is coming so it's the perfect time to give you some presents. We've targeted all genres with these new bands, added more headliners, and so now the line-up for the upcoming five-day Brutal Assault has more than a hundred names!


Hope this special update has made you even more excited for our 25th anniversary. Merry Metal-mas!
Brutal Assault | FESTIVALPHOTO