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  Swallow The Sun

The death/doom luminaries of Finland, Swallow the Sun, started at the turn of the millennium when guitarist Juha Raivio collected a group of friends around him. The band's first recording, Out of this Gloomy Light demo, was recorded in January 2003 and has become a rare collectors item. This demo also brought them their first record deal with Firebox Records. With their debut The Morning Never Came Swallow the Sun were elected newcomer of the year by Inferno Magazine and received a full 5 K review in Kerrang. The album was quoted: “One of doom metals finest moments to date”.

The band have just recorded their eagerly awaited fifth studio album called „Emerald Forest And The Blackbird“ which will be out in February 2012, featuring Nightwish´s singer Anette Olzon on one song. 10 tracks of the trademark Swallow the Sun sound of gloom, beauty and despair, and that´s what awaits you at Metalfest, a fine lesson in supreme metal music by one of Finland´s finest!

Swallow The Sun

Covered gigs:

   2022-07-15 Swallow The Sun (Gefle Metal Festival 2022)

   2020-02-22 Swallow The Sun (Ws Arena - Vasa)

   2018-02-02 Swallow The Sun (70000tons Of Metal 2018)

   2018-02-01 Swallow The Sun (70000tons Of Metal 2018)

   2016-07-01 Swallow The Sun (Tuska Open Air 2016)

   2012-06-30 Swallow The Sun (Tuska Open Air 2012)

   2012-06-29 Swallow The Sun (Hard Rock Laager 2012)

   2010-07-02 Swallow The Sun (Tuska Open Air 2010)

   2010-02-20 Swallow The Sun (Helsinki Metal Meeting 2010)

   2009-09-26 Swallow The Sun (Pure Metal fest 2009)

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