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  Orange Goblin

It’s time to get the guitars smashed and indulge the mighty horned god! The party-possessed Brits of ORANGE GOBLIN couldn’t live out the music and lifestyle of rock more authentically. Wherever they appear, the rock’n’roll-barometer reaches highest levels. ORANGE GOBLIN represent all things you associate with heavy metal. Sex, drugs and rock’n’roll - if you’re looking for an overdose of rock music, these crazy booze’n’groove-maniacs let your dirtiest dreams come true. ORANGE GOBLIN never hesitate and live the heavy-metal-spirit in its purest form. Their sources of inspiration are unmistakable elements in the combo’s sound, which remind on classics like Motörhead, Thin Lizzy, Danzig, Black Sabbath or Celtic Frost. Be sure, these bastards know how to break through your auditory canals.

Orange Goblin

Covered gigs:

   2022-06-26 Orange Goblin (Hellfest Open Air 2022)

   2019-06-22 Orange Goblin (Copenhell 2019)

   2018-11-01 Orange Goblin (The Garage - Glasgow)

   2015-08-09 Orange Goblin (Bloodstock 2015)

   2015-06-20 Orange Goblin (Hellfest Open Air 2015)

   2014-10-13 Orange Goblin (Rca Club - Lisboa)

   2013-12-09 Orange Goblin (Institute - Birmingham)

   2013-07-24 Orange Goblin (Metaldays 2013)

   2012-08-11 Orange Goblin (Bloodstock 2012)

   2012-07-14 Orange Goblin (Stoned From The Underground 2012)

   2012-06-15 Orange Goblin (Hellfest Open Air 2012)

   2011-12-03 Orange Goblin (Hard Rock Hell 2011)

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