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  Lord Of The Lost

Chris "The Lord" Harms follows his predestined path to create something beautiful and beguiling, a new musical platform for dark and emotive rock.

Introducing: LORD OF THE LOST

Chris Harms started out as vocalist and guitarist for industrial rock outfit PHILIAE (1999-2004). Since then his musical career has flourished, from stage guitars for BIG BOY (2007) to guitars, vocals and production for the legendary glam rock explosion THE PLEASURES (since 2004). As well as this, he keeps one foot in the gothic scene as the singer of the electro/indsutrial project UNTERART (since 2006). In LORD OF THE LOST he brings to life his own visions. But he is not alone:

Together with Sebsta (Guitars), Class (Bass), Any (Drums) and THE PLEASURES band mate Sensai (Guitars), he founded LORD OF THE LOST in 2008, to breathe fresh life into gothic rock.

Lord Of The Lost

Covered gigs:

   2023-09-30 Lord Of The Lost (Slay - Glasgow)

   2023-06-10 Lord Of The Lost (Nova Rock 2023)

   2018-11-22 Lord Of The Lost (Ivory Blacks - Glasgow)

   2017-09-06 Lord Of The Lost (Saint Lukes - Glasgow)

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