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  Symbiosis Gathering

Considered to be the Burning Man of California with water, Symbiosis Gathering has made a name for itself with it's every-two-years festival. The festival migrates around, and wasn't set to return until the Oregon Eclipse edition next year (2017). However, festival goers were pleasantly surprised when a 2016 date was announced. Just one sign of how great this festival is, and the amazing power its attendees have -- we get to do it all again this year, when we were all expecting to wait till the next!

This year's theme: Family Tree!

After such a symbiotic 2015 event, it became clear that those attending Symbiosis Gatherings were more than just festheads coming to have a good time. We are a family, a unite, a community of people serious about enjoying life, loving one another, and building a world full of all the most beautiful and beneficial things!

With a heavy focus on consciousness, sustainability, music, art, yoga and family fun, Symbiosis Gathering brings people together around a massive reservoir tucked away in California's Central Valley (just an hour and a half from Yosemite National Park). With art boats, art cars, stages in and around the water and more, Symbiosis has unlimited options for everyone. Whether you'd rather spend your day doing yoga in the shade, learning about permaculture, traditional healing, healthy eating and more, or dance and party all day long, floating in the water and running around the heavily decorated and art installation-infused festival grounds, boredom with not be an option, and leaving more enlightened than you entered is almost a guarantee.

Imagine a place where people of all ages and backgrounds come together and free themselves of their own judgement and those of society. That is Symbiosis. A place where every single person really is a best friend you simply haven't met yet, and only those serious about having a good, fun, symbiotic time attend.

Oh, and if you're into art, this is one of the most art-centered festivals you could possibly participate in!

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    Symbiosis Gathering 2016

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AllieSun AllieSun Written 2016-07-25 21:27:07
Epic new update from the Symbiosis media team!

Symbiosis Gathering, a multifaceted lakeside arts, music, and community gathering, today announced the complete performance programming for the 2016 event ‘Family Tree’.

Performance has become a pillar of the Symbiosis experience, offering attendees glimpses into distant realities created by the theatrics and on-stage environments crafted by these artists. Some of the nation’s most acclaimed circus troops, pyro-artists, and installation ensembles come together throughout the immaculate lakeside grounds to further captivate fans and bewitch passerbyers. The curation of these immense talents provides an essential platform for this growing contingent of outlier performers in the community- a totally unique take on awe-striking, thought provoking entertainment.

Symbiosis attendees may wander upon top Circus and Dance troupes like Vau de Vire Society, Zoe Jakes’ House of Tarot, Flynn Creek Circus, Wanderlust Circus or Mystic Circus Sideshow before being entranced by the fire ritual performance of Vatra Amidzich’s Pyronauts or Blaze. One may be treated to a lakeside beatboxing session with the Fungineers, only to find the high-flying Rose-City Acro Devils building a human skyscraper behind them. An evening spent exploring the grounds may lead to a comedic journey through poetry slams, rap battles, open mics, and circus crafted by the infamous Tourettes Without Regrets. It is such spontaneity that makes these performances an essential part of the Symbiosis experience, creating the container for laughter, awe, and inspiration.

The Symbiosis experience, defined by cutting edge musical and art programming, will include countless art installations and multiple collectives of live painters, forward thinking musical acts spread across distinctly varied stages, plus a first of its kind art boat program. Symbiosis Gathering: Family Tree will not only be a time for celebrating the reunion of families and memories from past years, but will serve as a precursor for what may be the burgeoning brand’s most important event to date: Symbiosis Gathering Oregon Eclipse 2017.

Facebook event page:
AllieSun AllieSun Written 2016-06-07 19:00:27
Symbiosis Gathering: Family Tree 2016 has officially announced music and workshop lineups, and they are ON FIRE!

Our ears will be gams-Ing all weekend long to the sounds and likes of...
FKA Twigs, Gramatik, RL Grime, Santigold, Ta-Ku (LIVE), Warpaint, Beats Antique, Claude Vonstroke, Balkan Beat Box, FKJ, Gaslamp Killer, Hundred Waters, Justin Martin, Lee Foss, Oh Wonder, OPIUO, OTT & the All-Seeing I, Pan-Pot, Rising Appalachia, Seth Trolled, Shiva San, Ace Ventura, Antennae, and so, so many more it would take me an hour to write it all out! So head over to the following link to scope the whole scene!

And for your chance to win a pair of Experience Passes, head to
By June 10!

And did I tell you how to check out the amazing workshop's lineup yet? Cause if you haven't signed up for their email updates and already seen it, you can head over to
And find out!

YEAH SYMBIOSIS! This one changed my life!!!
AllieSun AllieSun Written 2016-04-29 21:48:59
Update from the lovely people at Symbiosis Gathering!

We are excited to offer a next generation of Elemental Alchemy's IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCES prior to this year's Gathering!

This year we've added the newly created Ancestral Arts and Ritual & Performance immersives will be in addition to the wildly popular Permaculture, Yoga, and Visionary Art immersives.

Join us for 5 days of instruction, organic meals, and community building as we prepare for this year's Gathering!

More Info :
Event Page :
AllieSun AllieSun Written 2016-03-09 17:06:44
Super Early Bird EXPERIENCE PASSES are NOW AVAILABLE! The window for the LOWEST PRICE lasts until March 10 @ 11:59pm PST so ACT NOW!

Experience Passes :
Facebook Event Page :
Applications :

With an event like this, you don't wait till the line-up drops to decide. Symbiosis is for the serious -- those that take this way of life, and live it out in the day-to-day, not just on the fest floor. This is the kind of place you call home, and the kind you go back to and chase down year after year! Take advantage of this great price while it lasts!!
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