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Pasi Siitonen (born in Finland in 1978) better known by his stage name Stig or Stig Dogg is a Finnish hip hop, R&B and country music singer. He has also played in jazz/funk bands like G-Litter, Kuja Orchestra and Raisin Team. He is a studio engineer under the pseudonym Hullukoira at 3rd Rail Music. In 2011 he shortened his name from Stig Dogg to just Stig and sang "Laululeija" in a bid to represent Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012, but came third in the finals with Pernilla Karlsson winning with "När jag blundar".


Covered gigs:

   2023-12-02 Stig (Logomo - Åbo)

   2021-07-02 Stig (Butcher And Banker Festival 2021)

   2012-07-14 Stig (Ilosaarirock 2012)

   2012-06-09 Stig (Pienet Festarit Preerialla 2012)

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