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  Bang Your Head

The first BANG YOUR HEAD !!! took place in 1996, but was not so much a festival as a "small" evening private party for business contacts, advertisers, "HEAVY OR WHAT!?" - subscribers and scene inside the area - a total of 600 guests came into the Tübingen Stefan Hartmann -hall in which the first three BANG YOUR HEAD !!! - events took place. Those visitors were not only witnessed the headlining appearance of BLIND GUARDIAN, but also a reunion show of the NWOBHM legends TOKYO BLADE - at a time mind you, as the revival once popular bands was not yet commonplace.

1997 everything was already a little larger and in the Stefan Hartmann Hall were seven part quite well-known bands on: GAMMY RAY, FLOTSAM & JETSAM VIRGIN STEELE, SINNER, DEMON, SACRED STEEL and HAMMERFALL. In particular, the DEMON reunion gig with elaborate stage show was soon considered legendary, and the interest in BANG YOUR HEAD !!! grew immensely.

Already in 1998 were eleven bands in two days (including ICED EARTH, GRAVE DIGGER and STRATOVARIUS), and 1,800 visitors per day, the hall was completely sold out. Highlight for many was again a reunion gig: The performance by NASTY SAVAGE, in which the lead singer of "Nasty Ronnie" (a professional wrestler) Various discarded televisions smashed - including his head ...

The high ticket demand, which could not be met due to the limited capacity hall, gave cause for reflection, to make the event a Hall Open Air Festival. Horst Odermatt took the risk and so the BANG YOUR HEAD !!! found First time in 1999 held at the fairgrounds Balingen. On both days, played 17 bands, including MOTÖRHEAD, WASP, DIO, DEEP PURPLE and fresh reunierten DESTRUCTION. 18,000 visitors were on both days that the risk paid off and the BANG YOUR HEAD !!! as Open Air would be able to exist. For the audiences grew in subsequent years continued: In 2000, there were 20,000 in 2001 already 22,000 and 2003 came to the two days of the festival even 36,000 visitors from all over Germany and neighboring countries (including Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Poland, northern Italy ). Among the bands that came in the last few years to Balingen, were names like WHITESNAKE, HEAVEN & HELL feat. Dio, Iommi, Butler and Appice, DORO, Alicer COOPER, NIGHTWISH, EDGUY, CROCUS, SCORPIONS, URIAH HEEP, FOREIGNER, JOURNEY, NAZARETH, MEGADETH, TESTAMENT, ANTHRAX, STRATOVARIUS, Savatage, JUDAS PRIEST, THIN LIZZY, Y & T, SAXON, TWISTED SISTER or SLAYER.

Despite the dimensions that the BANG YOUR HEAD !!! has now been adopted, it enjoys an excellent reputation not only for its hand-picked band selection, but also thanks to the still very relaxed and friendly atmosphere and excellent organization among fans, musicians such media. Various surveys of relevant music press revealed that the festival was established in 1999 with the fans out of nowhere # 2 in the Open Air Festival popularity. In subsequent years, the number of spectators grew steadily - as well as the number of bands that were invited to Balingen.

2005 celebrated the BANG YOUR HEAD !!! Finally, his tenth birthday. For the first time the festival was sold out in advance and per day were 20,000 paying visitors to once again celebrate the most popular and interesting acts of the past festival years, who had traveled to the great celebration again to Balingen - including TWISTED SISTER, MOTÖRHEAD, SEBASTIAN BACH and DIO. In addition, joined with MIKE TRAMP'S WHITE LION HANOI ROCKS and two "Very Special Guests" whose names had been kept secret until the end.

The anniversary event came despite adverse weather conditions and devastating storm damage in the night from Friday to Saturday, which led to the second day of the festival program to massive shifts in every way to victory. The peaceful party mood, the great cohesion of all staff and volunteers and the unconditional cooperation of the affected musicians were decisive, the unique success story of the BANG YOUR HEAD !!! continue to write in the following years.

2006 and 2007, it went on so, again with great attendances and high-profile bands like WHITESNAKE, FOREIGNER (THE acclaimed surprise in 2006), as HEAVEN & HELL the feat. Dio, Iommi, Butler and Appice reunited Black Sabbath and NAZARETH, but also recent success of bands like In Flames, EDGUY, HAMMERFALL or AMON AMARTH and live rarities such RIK EMMETT, LETHAL and POWERMAD.

And of course there were in the past years High-profile: The metal gods Judas Priest came to Balingen, ACCEPT completion of their big comeback tour became as much a grand triumph as their headlining show 2013 SLAYER left the Alb tremble, Queensryche presented an elaborate mega spectacle, in which they both 'Operation: staged Mindcrime' parts successively, the local fan favorites BLIND GUARDIAN, the rock legends JOURNEY and QUIET RIOT, VENOM, THIN LIZZY, ICED EARTH, WHITE LION, long yearning for GREAT WHITE, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, cult acts such as SECRECY, WARRIOR or BREAKER and many more thrilled the audience.

2015 is the BANG YOUR HEAD !!! the 20th year in succession - and on the occasion of this special anniversary, the event starts for the first time on a Thursday and will take place over three days. The motto: 'Best of the Best' - with correspondingly high profile guests and acts that have made over the past two decades for outstanding summer highlights.

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