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  Betraying the Martyrs

Betraying the Martyrs is a deathcore band from Paris, France. They were founded in 2008 and currently consists of Aaron Matts (lead vocals), Baptiste Vigier (rhythm guitar), Lucas d'Angelo (lead guitar), Victor Guillet (clean vocals/keyboard), Valentin Hauser (bass guitar) and Mark Mironov (drums). More info:

Betraying the Martyrs

Covered gigs:

   2022-07-28 Betraying The Martyrs (Vagos Metal Fest 2022)

   2018-08-04 Betraying The Martyrs (Metalshow 2018)

   2016-08-13 Betraying The Martyrs (Vagos Metal Fest 2016)

   2015-08-06 Betraying The Martyrs (Getaway Rock 2015)

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