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  Black Christmas

Black Christmas Festival is a new festival founded by Olof Wikström, from Skrikult Production, and Morgan Håkansson, guitarist of Marduk, as they felt like there was no black/death metal oriented festival in Sweden. 2014 was the first year for this metal festival.

Come and celebrate the darkest time of the year at Flygeln in Norrköping!

Covered festivals:

    Black Christmas 2014

    Black Christmas 2015

    Black Christmas 2016

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Grimgoth Grimgoth Written 2015-10-19 15:21:43
Please check below for the running order for Black Christmas 2015

Friday 18/12
15.30 Desecrated
16.30 Ofermod
17.30 Tribulation
18.30 The Crown
20.00 Destruction
21.30 Marduk
23.00 Mayhem

Saturday 19/12
15.30 Nekrokraft
16.30 IXXI
17.30 Death Wolf
18.30 Mefisto
20.00 Vader
21.30 Marduk
23.00 Venom

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