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The Hove Festival (Norwegian: Hovefestivalen) is a music festival held on the island Tromøy outside of Arendal in southern Norway. It was held for the first time from 26–30 June 2007. Since 2007 Hove festival has been the largest music festival in Norway. [1] Hove Festival was acquired by Festival Republic in 2008 after going bankrupt. As with other Festival Republic events, there are no age restrictions, and children under the age of 12 are admitted free of charge.

Hove Festival is a festival for those people who believe that combining the best artists with on site camping, nature, beaches and idyllic surroundings form the ultimate festival experience. Hove Festival mixes large international acts with Norwegian bands in the unique setting of an island outside Arendal City. The festival is four days filled with bands you love, and ones you may never have heard of before, but will learn to love.

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