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Sandra Manuel


In the camera bag:

Nikon D90
Nikkor 18-105mm
Nikkor 70-300mm
Nikkor 5omm 1.4

I'm a portuguese girl born at 11th of September 1978.
Since that day i was additect to music.
Beeing in concerts was not enough for me. I had to have some tangible memories.
Now i consider myself addicted not only by music but photography also.
I cannot travel, be in a party, etc, without my camera.
Since 2008 I cooperate as a photo-reporter in a music forum:

Photos taken by Sandra Manuel:

2012-10-04 Paradise Lost (Hard Club - Porto)
2011-11-27 Turisas (Hard Club - Porto)
2011-10-11 Within Temptation (Coliseu - Porto)
2011-10-11 Kandia (Coliseu - Porto)
2011-05-05 Children Of Bodom (Hard Club - Porto)
2011-05-05 Ensiferum (Hard Club - Porto)
2010-01-16 Hardmetalfest (Mangualde, Portugal)
2009-12-26 Pitch Black (Metalpoint - Porto, Portugal)
2009-12-04 Angelus Apatrida (Incrivel Almadense - Almada)
2009-12-04 Arch Enemy (Incrivel Almadense - Almada)
2009-12-04 Abigail Williams (Incrivel Almadense - Almada)
2009-11-06 Joao Pedro Pais (Coliseu - Porto, Portugal)
2009-11-04 Skunk Anansie (The Coliseum - Porto, Portugal)
2009-11-04 The Chemists (Coliseu - Porto, Portugal)
2009-10-22 Dream Theater (Progressive Nation - Porto, Portugal)
2009-10-22 Opeth (Progressive Nation - Porto, Portugal)
2009-10-22 Bigelf (Progressive Nation - Porto, Portugal)
2009-10-22 Unexpect (Progressive Nation - Porto, Portugal)
2009-09-19 Noctem (Porto, Portugal)
2009-09-19 Revtend (Metalpoint - Porto, Portugal)
2009-09-19 Insanus (Metalpoint - Porto, Portugal)
2009-09-19 Equaleft (Metalpoint - Porto, Portugal)
2009-09-19 The Ransack (Metalpoint - Porto, Portugal)
2009-09-11 - 2009-09-13 Caos Emergente (Portugal)
2009-07-30 - 2009-08-01 Wacken Open Air