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Imogen Reid


I am a young music-goer from Auckland, New Zealand. I come from a large family and my father is a literary person whereas my mother is a musical person. As one of their offspring, I am the kind of person that would not be able to see life worth living if there was no music. Although I like music (mainly rock and orchestral) from all parts of the world, I tend to have a slightly patriotic nature in that that might favour a New Zealand band over another but only if it is deserving of such judgement! I am inclined to have an emotional, if not intellectual, reaction to particularly good music and art and my reviews try to convey this emotional reaction so that the reader knows exactly what I mean about the music/art.
I look forward to writing reviews for Festivalphoto.

Written by Imogen Reid:

2013-03-17 Lisa Hannigan and Glen Hansard at the Town Hall in Auckland (Eng)