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 Photographers and writers | FESTIVALPHOTO

Christian Ludvigsson


In the camera bag:

Sony A500
Sony Alpha 100 (A100)
Casio EX-FC100
Cosina ca-af 100-300 mm 1:5,6-6,7 MC Macro
Tamron AF aspherical 28-200
Minolta AF 50mm f/1.7
Sony DT 18-70mm F3.5-5.6 (SAL-1870)
Minolta AF 100mm f/2.8 Macro

Hi folks!
I´m a dedicated photographer always looking to hone my skills in the great art of photography. After some odd years of visual experimentation, stuck in dead-end jobs I decided to apply for some schools to be able to dedicate my time fully to photography. So, in 2009-2010 I did a basic year of photographic studies and currently I´m preparing for a project-year of documentary photography. Always been a fanatic music-fan, so shooting at festivals suites me just fine!
Some preferences for good measure....
Anders Petersen, Dave Hill, Anton Corbijn, Lars Tunbjörk, Robert Capa, Sabastio Salgado and more....

Björk, Dark Tranquillity, Katatonia, Pink Floyd, The Doors, Opeth, Kent, Frank Zappa, Anna Ternheim, Bob Hund, Augustus Pablo and tons more....

Solaris, Traffic, The Time-travelers Wife, Moon, Terminator Salvation, American Splendour, Cold Souls, Vanilla Sky and more......

Photos taken by Christian Ludvigsson:

2010-08-05 - 2010-08-07 Urkult

Written by Christian Ludvigsson:

2010-08-11 Urkult - En festival, oändligt med kärlek. (Swe)