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2009-11-17 Cheers from Nantes (Swe)
2009-11-07 Day off... (Eng)
2009-11-06 hey hey fucking hey!!!!!!!! (Eng)
2009-11-04 Slightly delayed first update in Rome (Swe)
2009-07-20 Close to the finish line... (Swe)
2009-06-16 Hey! We have a blog! (Eng)
2009-06-10 And then there was recording... (Eng)
2009-05-29 one more week.. (Eng)
2009-05-20 Making the best album better (Eng)
2009-05-14 tonartshöjning (Eng)
2009-05-08 almost done... (Swe)
2009-04-29 studio update (Eng)
2009-04-22 ... and hard work pays off... (Eng)
2009-04-21 21st working hour in a row (Swe)
2009-04-16 40 hour songwriting (Swe)
2009-04-07 Avatar in the Studio - The first post (Eng)