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With Full Force 2009


2009-07-05 03:49 - WFF day 3

So, today it´s the third and last day here on With Full Force and yesterday i had a really good time and the production team here is really nice! All shall perish made a great show though it was in the middle of the day so the lightning wasn´t so cool as it could have been but that´s the price you pay for playing on the main stage ;) And for the first time i heard and saw Suicidal Tendencies that i´ve heard so much about and i was chocked. Fucking crazy live show and really good music! The best thing that played on the mainstage besides Hatebreed wich was SICK! Too bad i didn´t have the energy to stay all the Suicidal Tendencies show because in the end like 100 people stormed the stage and it was crazy. Ofcourse the band told everybody to get up on the stage but that would have been something to see! Lazy me... but anyhow Walls of Jericho was suprisingly great too on the tentstage! Candace, the crazy lady singer of WOJ was everywhere and nowhere on the stage! She was jumping, screaming, running all the time. It wasn´t a single time she stood still and the rest of the band jumped on the train and went pretty crazy them too and i liked it alot and the sound was great! I like bands who sounds the same or even better live, compared to records. The last band on the mainstage was about to go on..people everywhere, really crowded..everyone was waiting with excitment and then BOOM! Hatebreed comes out and me and all the photographers stormed out to get the best place and the show was crazy with great songs and alot of movement on the guys up there! Flames, smokes, flashes everywhere and the crowd was wild and screamed with them every single song, including me! That was the best day so far here on WFF and after the show i took a cold cup of water with a new friend that i talked to before going on Hatebreed and that´s the cool thing about WFF and Germany overall: People are so openhearted and friendly and helpful and really happy and likes to talk and just have a nice time! So i´m really impressed! Tomorrow if i have any energy left i will write about this third and last day! Keep it up!

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2009-07-04 02:23 - Day 2

Today it´s 10:15 AM and it´s pretty hot but thin clouds all over the sky. Pretty nice weather to work in. Yesterday the band was good. I saw Facebreaker wich wasn´t my cup of tea but they made the crowd go pretty wild for being the first band out on the mainstage. Later i saw God Forbid wich i had never heard or seen before and i was chocked. Really great band, everybody was moving and looked like they were having a good time and rocked the mainstage and sounded really good. Later i saw Nasty and i can´t remember how they were last time i saw them in Sweden but they sounded O.K. but for a photographer or audience the live act sucked ass big time. The singer was looking like a wannabe gangster or something and had that evil look in his eye i didn´t like and the bass player and guitarist did look like they wanted to be everywhere else but on the stage. Disappointment! But later on that compensated with No Turning Back that did a really good show and sounded tight and nice and was crazy on stage too. Same were for Maroon actually that i had never heard before either and also Comeback Kid (my favourite band that day) that was really good. Too bad i was so tired i couldn´t stay the whole show, plus my friend was too drunk to even get his ass to the show and watch it with me. And the night was ending well with the performance from Soulfly wich was crazy! Alot of photographers and the audience was massive! Wasn´t really my type of music but some parts were really tasty and how they got everyone in to the flow was nuts! Hopefully i will see more of that today when bands like Walls of Jericho, Hatebreed and Backfire! is playing. I slept good in my tent with some Hardcore music in my ear and a nice chilly breeze. Keep it up !

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2009-07-03 06:04 - 3/7

2days ago the 1:st of July we took the car down to Skavsta airport in Sweden around 10:00 PM to sleep some hours and get up at 4:30 AM and leave with the plain at 6:30 AM. The flight went incredible fast and we arrived 20minutes early in Schönefeld airport, Germany. We took a train to Berlin and took a nice meal and a beer before heading to buy a ticket wich was easier said than done.

German people do not know english as good as i thought but two nice local people helped us because the lady working there had no idea what we said. Finally down on platform 1, waiting for the train we met 4 german guys that was really cool and they became our festival homies the trip down and now at the camping and they´re awsome!

They helped us find everything right and get to Delitzch and from Delitzch to the festival with the festival bus. It was thunder and rain above us but just as we left with the bus the rain started so we where lucky and it stopped when we arrived at the festival. The camping is incredible big for only 25.000 people but it´s so different compared to Sweden. Here you can have your car, big party tents, Barbeque stuff as long as you don´t have an open fire.

All people are really nice and funny and i feel welcomed here though they look a little strange on you when you are trying to talk in english sometimes. The party was going on already yesterday at a small "stage" that only played music and people were drinking, partying, dancing and moshing like hell! Greatest festival ever!

Now the weather is great. It´s sunny and a bit cloudy and the Production team is so nice that let me have my computer and photo gear in their office for safety. Really nice area and the two stages(1 main and one tent stage) is close to each other so there won´t be alot of walking. Totally amazing festival and i hope the band will deliver just as good. The first band starts in 25minutes and first out is Facebreaker. More updates will come tonight!


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  Writer: Marcus Grip