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 Metalfest Open Air Germany 2011 | FESTIVALPHOTO



Metalfest Open Air Germany 2011


2011-05-24 06:14 - Metalfest Open Air Germany 2011

Location: Dessau, Germany
Date: May 27th - 29th 2011
Tickets: EUR 64,-
Free Parking + Camping
80 Bands, 2 Stages

Arch Enemy, Sabaton, Amon Amarth, Cradle Of Filth, Saxon, Kataklysm, Amorphis, Wintersun, Entombed, Equilibrium, Destruction, Rage, Sodom, Belphegor, Tankard, The Black Dahlia Murder, Eisregen, Primodial, The Sorrow, Suicidal Angels, Arkona, Misery Index, Kalmah, Neaera, and many more

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  Writer: Hendrik Lohoff