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 Graspop 2010 | FESTIVALPHOTO



Graspop 2010


2010-06-28 01:11 - Live Report: Graspop Metal Meeting day three

It was an even hotter day than before, with a mix of styles on the main stage from Atreyu to Exodus and Jon Oliva's Pain. Everyone was either hunting for the tiniest places in the shade or was enjoying the water games offered by the sponsors or taking advantage of the free showers in front of the main stage.
In the tents I saw some incendiary concerts, from a really funny show of Mucky Pup to a bit old and tired Paradise Lost to insane folk at Korpiklaani, and one of the rare shows by Bloodbath. The Finntroll tent was too packed to squeeze in.
It all ended with a long goodbye Kiss, which was a show to remember: they played 40 minutes more than announced on the schedule, and gave out everything they had.

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2010-06-27 16:54 - Orbituary, playing at GMM 2010

Orbituary, playing at GMM 2010

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2010-06-27 16:52 - Dark Funeral, playing at GMM 2010

Dark Funeral, playing at GMM 2010

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2010-06-27 16:52 - Live Report: Graspop Metal Meeting day two

Day two was even hotter that day one. Sabaton set the right atmosphere with their tunes and the side stages, all located in tents, were usually not enough for all the people present at “mean” concerts such as Dark Funeral, Cannibal Corpse, Sick Of It All, Immortal, Paradise Lost.

Airbourne and Eluveitie were absolutely insane. All ended as incendiary as it started with Soulfly, who kept demanding huge circles and incredible walls of death.

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2010-06-26 16:44 - Live Report: Graspop Metal Meeting day one

1st day at Graspop, or Graspoop like some others called it: warm and
quite calm. Good to see Floor Jensen's new project Revamp, another
super Anathema show, followed by a fun Therion performance in one of
the small tents. Tarja was disappointing and Doro impressive. Billy
Talent has some talent, and looking forward for a new Aerosmith show.
There's a therion interview waiting to be transcribed and a lot of
chats with musicians in the press area. Cheers from Dessel!

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