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Ruisrock Festival is annually in the end of June / beginning of July at the national park of Ruissalo in Turku. During the weekend around 60 artists and performers will be seen on stages of Ruisrock. Ruisrock has no age limit but we recommend that under 12-year-olds will arrive with adults. Under 7-year-olds are allowed to the festival area without charge in company of an adult with a ticket. The bar areas serve everyone over 18-year-old festival goers. Ruisrock offers the elements for a perfect festival weekend: a fabulous program, restaurants, bars, a seashore…

Ruisrock was held first time in 1970 and thus, along with Netherlands’ Pinkpop Festival, is the world’s oldest still organized rock festival. Two first Ruisrocks were organized at Saaroniemi where nowadays is located Turku City Camping. In 1971 Ruisrock attracted over 100 000 people which still is the event’s record in attendance. The amount was however too big and the event was relocated to its current place at Ruissalo public park. Ruisrock has already for 43 summers collected annually tens of thousands to enjoy the festival atmosphere and follow both local and foreign top artists and international stars at the beautiful Ruissalo park.

Covered festivals:

    Ruisrock 2008

    Ruisrock 2009

    Ruisrock 2010

    Ruisrock 2011

    Ruisrock 2012

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